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All About Sheepdogs was a site for people looking for help and information about working and training with sheepdogs.

The site has now changed and is mainly focused on information for sheepdogs as pets.

What Are Sheepdogs

Sheepdogs are generally dogs or breed of dogs historically used in connection with the raising of sheep. Sheepdogs can be defined by their ability to harmonize, round, and guard farm animals such as sheep, cattle, and goats, among others. They ensure no farm animal gets past the herding zone or extricates from the group. Still, sheepdogs are of vital importance to herders when it comes to protecting livestock from predators.

These dogs vary according to breeds. However, the most common and versatile ones are the border collies, australian shepherds, german shepherd, and old english sheepdogs. Still, the Pembroke Welsh corgi and Shetland sheepdog can serve the same purpose.

Qualities Of Sheepdogs

Sheepdogs are always workaholics. And so, to speak, there is the coherency of physical traits (agility, speed, and loyalty) in all the breeds. Additionally, they are intelligent, zealous, and even athletic. They, therefore, need to exercise a lot to be active and fully functional. Sheepdogs respond nicely to exercises, and they are the perfect choice for active individuals.

Despite the general features, the qualities of a sheepdog hinge on his breed. A collie, for instance, is a gentle dog that will not misbehave and can easily be trained. Border Collies are perfect for families that are unaccustomed to dogs. Additionally, collies possess a strong herding instinct that is not just driven to farm animals. It’s not uncommon for them to round up kids by nipping their heels. As much as that instinct is undesirable, collies can be imparted with desirable behavior as they are highly trainable.

What Are Sheepdogs’ Physical Needs?

Traditionally, the designated tasks for sheepdogs were to move along sheep and cows. As such, sheepdogs were raised from ranches and farms. On the contrary, their locality and lives today are set in the urban. Despite the setting, they are still zealous and athletic animals who won’t just hang in the house. They need to exercise.

It’s imperative that you organize your living room in a way that the pup can run around. If not, you can walk your dog in a spot that allows him to run free. Remember, herding dogs do not love restrictions. With that said, they will savor a large backyard that allows free movement.

The Care For Sheepdogs

As much as sheepdogs are energetic and seemingly tough, they need care, Just as any other breed would. Regarding this, you will have to provide appropriate medical care and a nutritious, balanced meal. Still, they will require identification and a license. Remember, sheepdogs are energetic workaholics that need to exercise. Should he fail to go through a training program, he will develop behavioral problems along the way. While you may see the training program as pure lessons, a herding dog sees it as fun.

The Benefits Of Sheepdogs

With a sheepdog at your aid, you can quickly gather and move your livestock. Additionally, a sheepdog can work on all sorts of grounds, be it muddy, rough, or non-compact soil. Another benefit is their ability to sniff injured livestock which comes in handy when you want to separate the wounded animal from the flock.

Further, herding dogs are multitasking animals. Provided that they are imparted with the proper training, they will act as your home guard.

“There’s no good flock without a good shepherd and there’s no good shepherd without a good dog.”

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