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MD-NoVaRotties.org Merges With AllAboutSheepdogs.com

Md-novarotties.org was the website of the NoVa Rottweiler Rescue League, Inc, on April 19, 2022, Md-NoVaRotties.org merged with AllAboutSheepdogs.com.

All About Sheepdogs is an informational site only. If you’re looking for a rottweiler rescue in Northern Virgina, check out this website:

Virginia Rottweiler Rescue

If you want to get more information about adopting a rottweiler, check out this article:

How To Adopt A Rottweiler?

If you want more general information about Rottweilers, check out this category on All About Sheepdogs:

All About Sheepdogs – Rottweiler

What Did Nova Rottweiler Rescue Do?

Nova Rottweiler Rescue was founded in 1995 by Judy Marion and dedicated to helping homeless, lonely rottweiler to have a second chance in life.

Nova Rottweiler Rescue adopted rottweilers in Northern, VA and the greater MD area and helped find loving homes for these dogs.

What Does All About Sheepdogs Do?

All About Sheepdogs is a site for people looking for help and information about all kinds of sheepdogs/herding dogs including rottweilers.

Here you can find a extensive collection of articles about dog breed information, equipment/food for dogs, how-to guides, and more!

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