Can a Border Collie Live Outside? (Solved!)

Border collies are sensitive dogs used for herding. Apart from being energetic, they pay keen attention to everything going on in their environment. As such, they closely monitor the movement of livestock should they be used for herding. On the other hand, if they are protecting your home, ...

6 Best Collars For Border Collies In 2022

Like most pet owners, you will love to make your Border Collie look good and give him everything he needs. However, to show it off or take it to the vet, I suggest keeping it on a leash as a precautionary principle. In the sense of avoiding accidents due to its instinct, the Border Collie ...

Why Does My Border Collie Stare At Me? (Solved!)

Why does my border collie stare at me? Before answering this question, it is important to know that although the Border Collie has a receptive, intelligent, alert, energetic, tenacious, and enthusiastic temperament; it is not the kind of dog you can let run around the neighborhood with your ...

6 Best Brushes For Maremma Sheepdogs in 2022

Certain breeds of dogs have a thick coat of hair. You need to work towards maintaining them. For the same, you will need a proper pet brush. One such breed of dog is Maremma sheepdog. These dogs are cute and beautiful. However, to keep them clean, you need to brush their hair coat ...

Can Border Collies Be Left Alone? (Solved!)

Border collies are cute dogs that have become the fancy of the entire world. However, before you get one, it is essential to understand how long they can be left alone. Only when you answer this question can you go ahead and adopt a border collie dog. I will today answer this question. ...

Are Border Collies Dangerous? (Solved!)

People like big energetic dogs that show a lot of love to their family members. This is why the border collie is so popular with dog owners! Still, is this the right pet for you? Border collies have plenty of energy and they look beautiful, of course. But what are these dogs like with ...

How Much Do Border Collies Sleep? (Solved!)

Border collies are zealous dogs commonly used for herding sheep. Due to their vigor, they need to exercise a lot to release energy. It's a common perception that collies get 16-20 hours of sleep. But, if that's a perception, how much do border collies sleep after releasing their energy? ...

Are Border Collies Good Guard Dogs?

Border collies have long been known for their intelligence and are regularly found being trained as agility dogs and obedience dogs but this intelligence also lends them to being a good watch dog. I find border collies ranked at the top of many intelligence lists; however, I have seen few that ...

How Long Do Old English Sheepdogs Live? (OESD Lifespan)

Old English Sheepdogs are sizeable and athletic dog breeds that have comfortable yet shaggy coat. Also known as a Dulux dog or bobtail, these dogs are strong and have a square shape with brown or blue eyes or both and a black nose. Their outer double coat is thick and comes in colors of ...

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