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6 Best Shampoos For Old English Sheepdogs in 2022

The hygiene and care of your Old English Sheepdog is a task that you should not take lightly; it is very important and necessary for its health and appearance. The Old English Sheepdog's two-layered coat and dense fur are also curly, and demand regular maintenance, with dry baths, brushing, ...

Can Shelties Be Left Alone? (Solved!)

In general, most dog breeds do not want to be separated from their owners for long stretches of time. Still, this is necessary for most pet owners. So, how do you know if it is okay to leave your dog alone? And, what can you do to get your dog acclimated to being alone? In this post, ...

Can Corgis Live Outside? (Explained And Solved!)

Before you get corgis home, it is essential to understand how they live and where they can live and not live. One of the most common questions which you will have is, can corgis live outside? Depending on the answer to this question, you can decide whether corgis will be living within your ...

Are Old English Sheepdogs Hypoallergenic? (Solved!)

If you are familiar with the dog community, you have probably heard of the Old English Sheepdog (OES). We all know that it is not difficult to fall in love with this dog breed. From their big, lumbering, shaggy, and goofy physique to their agile, active, and friendly personality, these ...

Do Shetland Sheepdogs Shed? (Solved!)

Shetland Sheepdogs (commonly known as Shelties) are of medium/small stature developed initially for herding sheep and ponies at farms. Due to their Collin roots, they are not only working dogs; they are also brilliant and capable companions that highlight their popularity for their vigorous ...

Welsh Sheepdog vs. Border Collie – What Are The Differences?

We all know that there is a wide range of dog breeds available worldwide. In fact, the American Kennel Club identifies more than 190 dog breeds, while the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognizes over 360 dog breeds. As a result, it can be exceedingly daunting to find the ...

Do Shelties Like Water And Can They Swim? (Solved!)

The Shetland Sheepdog is also known as Sheltie. This breed inherited from the Collies its intelligence and agility, characteristics that highlight its fame. In addition, the herding instinct makes it a working dog that needs to be busy so as not to become crazy and destructive. Today a ...

6 Best Brushes For Maremma Sheepdogs in 2022

Certain breeds of dogs have a thick coat of hair. You need to work towards maintaining them. For the same, you will need a proper pet brush. One such breed of dog is Maremma sheepdog. These dogs are cute and beautiful. However, to keep them clean, you need to brush their hair coat ...

How Long Do Old English Sheepdogs Live? (OESD Lifespan)

Old English Sheepdogs are sizeable and athletic dog breeds that have comfortable yet shaggy coat. Also known as a Dulux dog or bobtail, these dogs are strong and have a square shape with brown or blue eyes or both and a black nose. Their outer double coat is thick and comes in colors of ...

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