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Great Pyrenees vs Samoyed – A Detailed Comparison

Many feel that having a huge dog is nothing but trouble. They occupy a lot of space, eat a lot, leave a mess behind them, and are difficult to handle. While this is true for some large breeds, others are some of the kindest and most well-behaved dogs in the whole canine world. Great ...

Great Pyrenees vs St Bernard – A Detailed Comparison

If size and strength are among your priorities when looking for a dog, then Great Pyrenees and St Bernard should definitely be at the top of your list. Like all huge breeds, these dogs are not for everyone. Due to their size, they can be somewhat difficult to care for and, logically, demand ...

Great Pyrenees vs Bernese Mountain Dog – A Comparison

Life in the mountains has always been hard and unforgiving. This is true for people who lived there but also for their faithful companions and helpers, their dogs. So, it's no wonder that dog breeds with roots in mountain areas have developed certain traits that make them stand out among ...

Do Bouvier Des Flandres Shed? (Solved!)

Are you looking forward to adopting a Bouvier des Flandres? If you are, then I'm pretty sure you must have conducted thorough research about this particular dog breed. You must now know the temperament, personality traits, and feeding requirements of Bouvier des Flandres dogs. However, ...

Do Briards Shed? (Answered!)

Lately, Briards have surged to the top of the list of the most popular family dogs. Their popularity is understandable as they're a loving, intelligent, and loyal breed. Also, a big part of the appeal is their rugged good looks. With their scruffy appearance emphasized by the long shaggy ...

Sheltie vs Miniature Collie – Are They The Same? (Solved!)

Shelties and Miniature Collies look so much alike that people often think it's the same breed. In fact, Shelties are often referred to as downsized Rough Collies. However, as any Collie enthusiast would tell you, this is a false statement. That would imply that they are a bred-down variant ...

Briard vs Bouvier – A Detailed Comparison

Hailing from two neighboring European countries, both Briard and Bouvier feature a cute, shaggy appearance hiding a powerful, strong, and hard-working dog. With a centuries-long career in herding and protecting, each breed has developed a sharp mind, strong guarding instincts, and unwavering ...

Bouvier des Flandres vs Giant Schnauzer – A Comparison

Bouvier des Flandres and Giant Schnauzer belong to these breeds that often get people confused and have them mistake one breed for another. However, these mix-ups are perfectly understandable. The two breeds indeed have a lot in common, starting with the way they look. Both are strong, ...

Sheltie vs Corgi – A Detailed Comparison

In the age of the internet, some dog breeds have gained incredible popularity and surged to the top of the list of the most owned dogs list. Among those superstars are two breeds hailing from the British isles - Shelties and Corgis. And, it's not hard to understand how these became so popular. ...

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