Great Pyrenees
Can You Shave Great Pyrenees & Does Their Hair Grow Back?

Like all breeds with origins in mountain and cold areas, Great Pyrenees feature a thick double coat. One of the main reasons people fall in love with them is their lush white fur which makes them look like giant teddy bears. Even though they're known as fearless guardians, there's no ...

Are Great Pyrenees Nocturnal? Find Out The Truth!

Calm and affectionate, but still fearless when protecting their owners, the Great Pyrenees are a great addition to any family looking for a loving and loyal pet. Still, if you plan to get a Great Pyrenees, you should know what you're getting yourself into. Even though they are often ...

Are All Great Pyrenees Solid White? Find Out The Truth!

There's definitely something special about all-white dogs. Unlike most of their dark-colored canine counterparts, they always carry themselves with a certain elegance and in a graceful manner. We can easily consider them the aristocracy of the dog world. In addition, those breeds with ...

Great Pyrenees vs Samoyed – A Detailed Comparison

Many feel that having a huge dog is nothing but trouble. They occupy a lot of space, eat a lot, leave a mess behind them, and are difficult to handle. While this is true for some large breeds, others are some of the kindest and most well-behaved dogs in the whole canine world. Great ...

Great Pyrenees vs St Bernard – A Detailed Comparison

If size and strength are among your priorities when looking for a dog, then Great Pyrenees and St Bernard should definitely be at the top of your list. Like all huge breeds, these dogs are not for everyone. Due to their size, they can be somewhat difficult to care for and, logically, demand ...

Maremma Sheepdog vs Great Pyrenees – A Comparison

When looking for a family dog, some people want breeds that are cute, lovable, playful, and kind to their owners and children. Others seek menacing protectors that will strike fear in any impostor and keep the family and property safe. With some breeds, you can get both. Maremma ...

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