German Shepherd
10 Best Prong Collars for German Shepherds In 2022

Are you a proud owner of a German Shepherd? Or are you having trouble with your new pet who might be giving you a hard time getting trained? If yes, you are not alone. Dogs have their moods, and sometimes it can be frustrating or even dangerous when they simply don't listen. ...

10 Best Companion Dogs for German Shepherds (With Pictures)

When you're busy with work or personal matters, your dog can suffer from loneliness and anxiety, especially a playful and cheerful dog like a German shepherd. Ideally, you should get a companion for your dog so they can feel happy and remain mentally and physically active. You might be ...

9 Best Martingale Collars for German Shepherds In 2022

Tired of trying to take your German shepherd to a walk but ending up constantly struggling to keep them on a leash? Well, the best solution for this is to get a Martingale Collar for your dog so you don't have to struggle too much and your dog also feels more comfortable than with a Slip ...

6 Best Raincoats for German Shepherds In 2022

Most dogs, especially short-haired ones, require raincoats while stepping outside in the rain. The bitterly cold weather won't take a single second to make your little furry friend sick and not to mention how annoyed they feel after coming back from wet streets. However, getting raincoats ...

Why Do German Shepherds Breathe So Fast? (8 Reasons)

Many times, when you adopt a certain dog, you notice peculiarities in its behavior. When you adopt a German Shepherd, you will notice that they breathe so fast. You cannot help but wonder, Why do german shepherds breathe so fast? I will today share the answer to this question. I will ...

Do German Shepherds Need Snow Boots? (Answered!)

Many kinds of dogs have been bred especially for the purpose of pulling sleds and working in snow and freezing temperatures. As a result, their feet were able to adapt well to the intense cold. Therefore, their paw pads are not affected by ice or by running on frozen snow trails on a daily ...

Can German Shepherds Eat Rice? (Solved!)

We all love to share our dining experiences with our dogs. But have you ever taken something out of your refrigerator and wondered whether it is healthy or safe for him to consume? As one of the most popular dogs globally, German Shepherds are an intelligent dog breed with an athletic ...

Are German Shepherds Cuddly? (Solved!)

The German Shepherd is an intelligent, hard-working, medium to large-sized dog. For decades, this breed has been known and valued for their loyalty, obedience, devotion, and the protection they offer to their owner. German Shepherds were originally bred in Germany in the year 1899, for the ...

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