German Shepherd
Kangal Vs German Shepherd – What’s The Difference?

Kangal Vs German Shepherd! Why would anyone want to compare these 2 dog breeds? They are both amazing dogs to have around, right? However, there's more to these dog breeds than what meets the eye. So, if you cannot seem to solve the dilemma on which one to adopt, then worry not as I got ...

Norwegian Elkhound Vs German Shepherd – Which One Is Better?

Norwegian Elkhound Vs German Shepherd! What a match! If you are looking forward to adopting a personality endowed dog and you can't seem to solve the dilemma of choosing between the Norwegian Elkhound and the German Shepherd, then ease your mind as I got you covered through this article. I ...

Rough Collie Vs German Shepherd Which One Is Better?

Rough Collie Vs German Shepherd! Quite a challenging task to choose in between, Right? If you have found yourself in this dilemma on which dog to take home then worry not as I got you covered. I will provide you with each of these 2 fascinating dog breeds histories, physical appearance, ...

German Shepherd Vs Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)

To start off with, there are many similarities between the German Shepherd and Blue Heeler dog, making it a hard decision which one to choose. Both dogs were originally bred and used for the purpose of herding and outdoor work. As a result of their genetic makeup, the German Shepherd and ...

Will My German Shepherd Protect Me Without Training?

German Shepherds are a breed often trained by professionals for protection purposes and police work. As a matter of fact, these dogs excel at performing this sort of duty. What makes the German Shepherd so good at offering a protection service? Most often it is their strength, intelligence, ...

Can German Shepherds Live Outside? (Solved)

German Shepherds are great outdoors pets that love to explore nature and play in wide-open expanses. However, can german shepherds live outside? Many pet owners might be wondering whether they can safely leave their pets outside. There are many potential factors to consider with this ...

7 Reasons Why Your German Shepherd Doesn’t Like To Cuddle

German Shepherds are naturally very affectionate toward their owner and family that they have bonded with. They are known for their strong attachment to those they love, and for their outstanding loyalty. They will be very protective of their family and ensure no harm happens to come their ...

Are German Shepherds Good Guard Dogs? (Solved!)

German Shepherds are fairly impressive, strong and mighty looking dogs. They have been known and favored for decades for their fierceness and bravery. As a result, they have been widely used in police forces, the military, and for tracking down suspects and criminals. The attributes they ...

Are German Shepherds Good With Small Dogs? (Solved!)

Some dog breeds do well with all sorts of pets, while other breeds may naturally be more aggressive toward small dogs. What about a German Shepherd? Before bringing home a German Shepherd, it is important to know how this breed will behave toward small dogs. This will help you determine ...

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