Belgian Malinois
How High Can A Belgian Malinois Jump? (Solved!)

The Belgian Malinois is an athletic, active, energetic dog which, because of its light yet powerful body, proves to be extremely agile and nimble. It is these virtues, combined with their fast learning skills, that make them excel in a wide range of dog sports, including one of the most ...

How Fast Can A Belgian Malinois Run? (Solved!)

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world and has won numerous Gold medals in the Olympics. But even he couldn't beat the fastest dogs in the world in any race. Don't get me wrong, he is a good athlete, but the fastest dogs are swift. Today I will talk more about the Belgian Malinois, ...

Are Belgian Malinois Naturally Protective? (Solved!)

The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized, athletic, smart shepherd dog from Belgium. They are a hard-working breed of dog, favored in for their swiftness, energy, intelligence, and stamina, as well as incredible trainability. Hence their versatile character, they are used for many purposes ...

Do Belgian Malinois Get Along With Other Dogs? (Solved!)

Many pet owners like to add a Belgian Malinois to their pack. However, before you do so, it is time to understand how they behave with other dogs. While Belgian Malinois are affectionate towards you and your family, their interaction with other dogs is a different ball game altogether. I ...

Do Belgian Malinois Like To Cuddle? (Solved!)

Belgian Malinois are a popular breed when it comes to military, police, and other canine squads. However, they are now becoming quite popular as pets as well. Before you head up to Belgian Malinois, it is a good idea to know everything there is to know about them. One of the primary ...

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