Belgian Malinois
Beauceron vs Belgian Malinois – What’s The Difference?

Most dog breeds excel in one particular job and are great for just a singular purpose. They may be great for families, work, or dog competitions. Rarely do they show versatility and shine while performing multiple different jobs. However, some breeds are just like that and most of them ...

8 Best Collars For Belgian Malinois In 2022

The fact that you are searching for the best collar for Belgian Malinois means that you understand that this breed is very energetic and extensive, thus requiring a collar that will suit its personality. This dog breed(s) exceeds its potential with the countless impressive things it can do ...

What are Belgian Malinois Used for? (Answered in Detail!)

Most dog breeds are created and developed for a specific purpose. However, throughout history, some breeds expand their range of abilities and become useful for plenty of tasks besides the one they were originally bred for. One of those breeds is certainly the Belgian Malinois. They ...

Belgian Malinois vs Husky – A Detailed Comparison

Often, the intimidating appearance hides the breeds that make great family dogs, and, that's exactly the case with Belgian Malinois and Huskies. Behind their rugged presence, they are smart, friendly, and extremely loyal. These traits, along with their high energy, have made them one of ...

Can Belgian Malinois Live Outside (Solved!)

Everyone loves having their pets stay indoors with them. But if you need to leave your dog outside you want to do some research. Certain dog breeds should be fine staying in the outdoors. While other dogs will not like being left alone outside to live by themselves. In this post, I'll be ...

Belgian Malinois vs Rottweiler – Which One To Choose?

Owning a dog is rewarding in so many ways. They're loyal, loving, and protective. However, owning a dog carries a lot of responsibility. For that reason, it's necessary to do some serious research before deciding on the right canine for you and your family. Belgian Malinoises and ...

6 Best Brushes for Grooming Belgian Malinois In 2022

If you're the proud owner of a confident and graceful Belgian Malinois, making sure they're elegantly groomed and taken care of is extremely necessary. Brushing is a huge part of grooming and finding the right brush for the fur coat of a Belgian Malinois can be difficult. You might be ...

6 Best Shampoos For Belgian Malinois In 2022

With so many different dog shampoo choices out there, it can be a challenge for an owner to decide which option to pick. Some shampoos are better designed for dogs with longer fur, others for dogs with shorter fur. Many shampoos include a wide range of natural and beneficial ingredients. ...

Belgian Malinois vs Doberman – Which One To Choose?

Picking the right dog for you and your family is never easy. There are plenty of factors that come into play. You'll need to consider what do you need the dog for, the size of the household, and the family situation. If you're looking for a reliable guard dog, but also a beloved family ...

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