Australian Shepherd
What Do Australian Shepherds Like To Do? – Top 4 Activities

The original job of Australian Shepherds, the one they were bred for, was to herd and take care of livestock. To this day, they're widely recognized as one of the finest herding breeds with traits that are perfect for this type of task. Aussies are hard-working, extremely energetic, highly ...

Do Australian Shepherds Have Webbed Feet? (Solved!)

Australian Shepherds are among the most hard-working and energetic breeds in the world. They're tireless, extremely active, and willing to do whatever you ask of them. So, it's very likely that people looking to get an Australian Shepherd are planning to put their dog to work. This may ...

Mini Australian Shepherd Vs Standard Australian Shepherd

Suppose you have interacted with both the Mini Australian Shepherd and the Standard Australian Shepherd. In that case, you will agree that it can be quite difficult to pick one and leave one (if you were given such an option). So, if you also have found yourself in such a dilemma (like I ...

13 Best Companion Dogs For Australian Shepherd (With Pictures!)

Australian shepherds are easy-going canines and a great choice of a family pet. They are incredibly obedient, easy to train and get along with other dogs. But one unique trait about the Australian shepherds is that they love a companion. Being an energetic breed, they need someone to play ...

6 Best Dog Beds For Australian Shepherd In 2022

Australian shepherds are beautiful, mesmerizing dogs! Their breed is active, intelligent, and driven by energy. Houses that have Australian shepherds are never dull. These loving creatures demand attention and attract immediate attention. As easy as they are to take care of and ...

Are Australian Shepherds Good Hunting Dogs? (Solved!)

Australian Shepherds are intelligent, energetic dogs of an active nature, and possessing great stamina. As a result, the Aussie is one of the best herding dog breeds in the world. They are not only good at herding sheep, but also at guarding them. This is due to their alert and attentive ...

Australian Shepherd Vs English Shepherd – A Comparison

At first glance, the Australian Shepherd and the English Shepherd have some very similar traits and characteristics. This is why a lot of people may mistaken one for the other. Both the Australian Shepherd and the English Shepherd are sheepdogs that are medium in size and come in a few of ...

Are Australian Shepherds Good with Chickens? (Solved!)

Your chickens are indeed unsafe around Australian Shepherds, and they are in no way near being a fan of dogs. However, this is a common misconception that all herding dogs have an aggressive demeanor and a strong drive for their prey. They fail to know that these intelligent breeds will ...

Are Australian Shepherds Good Apartment Dogs? (Solved!)

Australian Shepherds, also known as Aussies, have been widely appreciated for their high energy and active demeanor that makes the life of every house. But now that you own an Aussie, shifting to an apartment isn't that easy anymore. This new addition to your family has its own needs and ...

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