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Can A Border Collie Be A Service Dog?

Let’s begin this from a historical angle. Before assuming the role of being a pet, Border Collies were usable in herding mainly.

Their feature characteristics were the best, showing a high level of intelligence, protectiveness, and determination.

Today, these dolls have assumed a lot more new role given by us, being a pet.

Alongside this, however, and because of its most favored features, maybe being a service dog could be another more significant role they can play.

But how much do they qualify for this new job?

Can a Border Collie Be a Service dog?

A service dog needs to have particular innates characteristics and features for the best fit. They must meet specific physical and intelligent measures.

Border Collie can or cannot be a service dog, depending on many more factors integrated into these two.

While some of us wonder whether this is possible or not, we already have some Border Collies on the job.

So what do all these take?

Can we consider these breeds among the best for being a service dog?

This post gives explicit details on whether you need a Border Collier as a service dog or not.

Border Collie Characteristics with being a service dog

From herding hitherto days, border collies have gathered lots of intelligent characteristics that supposedly we can consider for a service dog.

These dogs have become smarter, more sensitive, energetic, protective, and hardworking than before.

Now let’s factor these characteristics into what we expect for service dogs:


The best service dog must be intelligent. This means it should have the ability to quickly learn new skills, including; words, whistles, cues, and hand gestures.

Further, they must be excellent at memorizing objects as well as scents. A quick example is like finding a specific toy in a pile of them within no minute.

High Sensitivity To Subtle Changes

Right before you say it, these dogs already can know what you want to tell them.

From being shepherds, they have developed high sensitivity skills, detecting flock changes and any prospective dangers.

Even with a wink, they will quickly read in-between the lines.

Highly Protective

These dogs can be highly “aggressive”. Similarly, they can sense danger fast; they can also launch a defensive move towards their guarding.

According to the rules of the best service dog, excess aggressiveness is never necessary.

When so, the dog can hurt people around for no better reason. Instead, they should act with wit, not violence.

Most border collies will always need special training to control their temper.


The type of energy needed for a service dog combines both physical and mental varieties. Physically, the dog must be able to open doors, close them, do deliveries, push and pull staff as needed, and so on.

Mentally, it should offer solid emotional support to its owner. Certain mental conditions will require that we have those we can trust and make us happy and calm around – the best service dogs are good at this.

We can always train Border Collies to adopt such energies.

Highly Determination

 Border Collies, ever since the herding times, has remained a hard worker. Looking after the sheep all day long, protecting them requires high leveled determination this breed has.

As a reward, we can always give these dogs delicious treats to keep them motivated. Most of the above characteristics are enhanced via training.

Over and above, however, the dog must be well behaved, ethically if a must.        

Can Border Collies Be Emotional Support Dogs?

Mental illnesses require lots of emotional support at all times.

The ESA dogs have got the full potential of this character. They can easily and quickly read our emotions and act upon them with speed.

Secondly, and we may want to take this more literally, border collies are soft dogs. First is because of their smooth body far, touching and caressing them gives us great emotional comfort.

Dog’s sense human emotions via facial expressions and voices. An experiment by the University of Lincoln in the U.K. and Sao Paulo in Brazil confirmed this.

It occurred that the dogs could very much relate facial expressions and voices.

In cases where these two did not match, the dogs took long to realize what to do next.

Can Border Collies Be Police Dogs?

Border collies join other best law enforcement dog breeds like; the Airedale terrier, Labrador Retriever, Groenendael, Malinois dog, Doberman Pinscher, Bloodhound, Border Collie, Boxer, German shepherd, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever, and English Springer Spaniel.

These selections feature dogs with high integrity, strength, stamina, among other physical and mental capabilities.

After selection, the dogs undergo vigorous training to ensure they remain loyal to their owners and highly determined to their course.

What Qualifies A Dog To Be A Service Dog?

There are pretty many considerations for a dog qualifying as a service dog. In the top list, the following are the most critical of them all.

Behavior: The dog must realize when, how, and why to attack. Being hardworking, full of emotions, and all good character traits are essential.

Strength: It starts with the physical size. Average to tall dogs are the best. Mostly they will be full of physical strength compared to the rest.

Quick learner: Most service dogs undergo critical training to earn the necessary skills to help support those with physical and mental disabilities.

Other considerations can be personal, color, for instance, breeds, and so on. We can always get expert advice on any of these selections.


For those of us looking for the best service dogs, there are always multiple options to consider. First is the breed. We all have our best and better choices on this.

Other considerations, however, we should make include whether or not our doors got ethical behavior.

Are they the type that barks anywhere anyhow or pees where it is not necessary, in the bus or interview meetings? We must consider all these.

Next is about our budget. While most service dogs could be relatively expensive, our budget will direct us to the better and most manageable option.

Meanwhile, for those settling on border collies, training is always a must. Let’s remember this is not their native work but a new one they are learning.

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