The WHY of training.

This should be fairly apparent! Why make an investment and then ignore it! Let us assume that you have bought a puppy from a good working background and you want it to work for you to the best of its ability. It will have a certain amount of natural ability but, rather like a sportsman, what is inherent will only become good if the right encouragement is given.
Puppies and young dogs are much like children. Some are very timid and shouting at them will result in non cooperation, very strong minded pups will never reach their potential if not matched by strong training. Remember that this is an investment and you want the best return for your money and time.

The WHAT of training.

If you have never trained a dog then lessons are crucial to the dogs’ education. It must have some basic manners, knowing its name, returning on command and stopping when told, to name a few. These lessons can be learned while the puppy is still a baby and has not really met sheep.
Different dogs have different times for when they show an interest in sheep. Just because a 3 month old puppy is raring to go after sheep does not mean that it should! Always a good idea to encourage a dogs natural instinct but a word of caution here –a bad experience early in a puppy’s life can be imprinted upon its brain for ever!
It should be added that your own training runs alongside that of your dog. Even top Trialling experts will agree that they are always learning.
Each new situation requires a new approach, not to mention different dogs and ultimately each bunch of sheep!

The HOW of training.

t is not proposed to issue a short training session on these pages – the configuration would be endless!

Suffice it to say that your first port of call has been to access this website!
Within these pages you will be guided to where you can access training for your particular circumstances – be it for puppy training, for the half trained dog you have acquired or for the fully trained animal that has cost you money you did not know you had!
It cannot be emphasised too strongly that in training your dog, you are the main student!
If you are a complete novice then your pup has probably more understanding than you but if you have already trained a puppy, then you will have some idea.
Of course you can buy all sorts of videos, DVD’s, books etc (And as the site develops we will indicate where these aids to training can be purchased) but there is nothing like ‘hands on’ training and doing it yourself!

By contacting us we can put you in touch with your nearest Trainer as we have access to all the Sheepdog Societies in England, Wales Scotland and Ireland.

The WHEN of training.

As mentioned before, this can be a tricky one as too early might cause over training and a loss of interest at a later stage, too late and the dog’s potential could be lessened. Trial and error with much encouragement, support and confidence building – remember that in human years a 6 month old puppy is only aged 3½! Some top Triallists do not start their serious training until their dog is almost 2 years old – reckon they a have bit of sense by then! This is 14 in human years.

Never expect too much of your puppy. I have seen some 7 month old pups work a big mob of sheep and do very well until something goes wrong. That is when their lack of experience shows through and this can result in what was mentioned before – a complete ‘turn-off’. ‘Going with the flow’ is a very applicable phrase in starting your dogs training but it must be done with caution and paying attention to over confidence on the part of the puppy.

And it is always a good idea to read up on other peoples experience and then apply it to your own circumstances.