I just love the Tutor’s way of working the sheep

Nothing too much trouble, everything positive, he took time to explain. My dog is only 12 months old but will now 200 yards down a field and fetch back a bunch of sheep. Very chuffed with course and with Tutor.

Helped me steer in the right direction with my dog.

Although I roughly know how to train a dog, he has help me tune the finer points.

Learned more about handling a dog. My dog is not brilliant here the sheep are more agile! She is better at home with my slow Dorsets. She is more tuned into cows than sheep.

100% happy with the Tutor. Everything positive. Dog more under control and things are falling into place.

So much was positive about the course. The tutor was patient and understanding (with me) and admiring of my dog Gyp. Loads of useful advice and direction.

Instructive to me and the dog. Tutor really found out what the dog could do and then helped me encourage it to do more. Course was invaluable and I would recommend tit to anyone.

Other points of view and ideas kept cropping up in discussion with the rest of the group. I’s like to learn a bit mor about trialling but I understand that this is offered through the Club.

Brilliant! Tutors patience and ability to explain where the mistakes were happening. Good that not many in the group giving more interaction.

Very good instructor but maybe some basic command tuition at the start might help.

Gave me good tips for what I need from Kai and the group worked well.

Meeting the other people and dogs was helpful – to what levels they are at.