A good working sheepdog will work for an indifferent handler but a good handler will get the best out of an indifferent sheepdog or discard it for a better type..

Traditionally sheepdogs will give of themselves above and beyond the call of duty on one meal a day and the odd pat on the head for good work.
The initial cost of a dog can be high, but the maintenance for many years devoted service is low. A good shepherd will regard his sheepdog as an investment.
But it is vital that training the sheepdog takes place to support the sheepdog and shepherd partnership to its highest skill level and practice every day is the route to success.

Some people send their sheepdog away to be trained but this is often costly and can result in the dog not being much better than before because the handler has not received a similar quota of training.
Training your own sheepdog is the route to harmony and success. A quad bike or any other mechanical device cannot replace a working sheepdog in the exacting tasks that they so willingly perform and a machine can break down and require maintenance and fuel to keep it going.
Shepherds, sheep and sheepdogs have been around for a long time. No-one knows exactly when man first tamed wild sheep for food, clothing and shelter, but estimates of over 10,000 years ago have been made.
How do you get to have a sheepdog that is properly trained and willing to work solely for you?
Follow the Training route devised by All About Sheepdogs!