Sheepdog Trainers

All our Trainers are experienced in training the Handler. This is the key to our courses.
Having your dog trained for you is fine if you already know how to handle a dog but if you do not then you could easily undo all the hard work that you have paid a dog trainer. Not to mention the waste of money.
All our Trainers recommend training the dog yourself. They are all quiet people and dogs respond to them in an almost uncanny manner. They read sheep and dogs in equal quantity.
This is part of the ‘bonding’ process.
You will see that our Trainers have a wide geographical coverage so that you do not have over far to travel to attend your course.
Here’s a list of our experienced Sheepdog Trainers:

Richard Alvis, Batheaston, Bath, Somerset.

Rob Hawke, Bishopstone near Salisbury

Handlers and dogs from South Glos, Wilts and North Somerset meet at Richards Farm. Richard reckons that he was never a sheep farmer, always milked cows. Says that the nearest to a shepherd in his family was Uncle George who looked after sheep on the Island of Sark. Richard lives on the farm where he was brought up and developed his interest in training dogs and handlers after many years of having to chase sheep around for his father!

Contract Shepherd, and Trials enthusiast Rob has his own flock at Bishopstone but also travels, in his role as Shepherd to several flocks in Dorset and Wilts. supported by his wife Anna and son Alfie who look after the home flock. Rob breeds about one litter a year and there is always a waiting list.

Bill Evans, Virginstowe, Devon

Vic Pitts, South Devon near Exeter

Farmer and Sheepdog Triallist Bill moved from Hertfordshire to Virginstowe, near Launceston (but just in Devon) to become a small-holder. He had already trained dogs – German shepherds – and decided to acquire a border collie. He has been so successful that in the past 10 years or so Bill has not had to advertise his residential dog training. Bill is a keen Triallist in the south west with his bitches Fly and Fay,

Vic operates from his home in South Devon near Exeter. He has many strands to his bow. Besides being Flockmaster to some 1200 ewes, he and his son run a sheep shower business, raise organic chicken, and a multitude of other services for farmers in their area. Vic has been involved with helping train handlers for many years and in that time probably 150 people have visited his yard tucked away at Exminster.

John Whiteley, Somerset

Bill Muggeridge, Callington, Cornwall

Another ex-cowman and showman (retired) John and his wife Alex with whom he shared the Agricultural Show stage for many years came to live in south Somerset from Yorkshire about 4 years ago. Until recently he was involved in presenting corporate training for many of the large companies in the UK who needed to practise their ‘staff bonding’ techniques. His dogs have been show biz stars! He plans to do more Trialling with Clubs in Somerset and in his home county of Yorkshire.

Retired horseman and shepherd.Bill hails from Stoke Climsland, near Callington, Cornwall and is another long standing member of the Team. We dragged Bill out of retirement some years ago and gave him a new lease on life! At the moment he works exclusively in Cornwall where there is still Govt. Funding available through Duchy College. We say that we have loaned him out to the college.

Del Baker, Gwent / Forest of Dean

Andrew Hendy, South Hams, Devon.

Small holder and sheepdog trainer par excellance. RIP September 25th 2009
Del was a Valleys boy who fell in love with sheep dog training as a boy and although he had to keep ‘the day job’ he ran about 6 – 7 dogs, trailed them to Nursery level and almost always had dogs for sale. A Del Baker trained dog was always utterly reliable and Del would not sell to anyone who did not meet his standard as a handler.
He was very well respected and much loved in the Gwent/ Forest of Dean area and beyond.

Farmer and Sheepdog Triallist, Andrew farms in the South Hams area of Devon and his stock contribute to a successful farm fresh meat company, run in conjunction with another local producer. He has competed in National sheepdog trails, running the brace being a speciality.

Carol Worgan, Chulmleigh, Mid Devon – English National Judge, competitor
Will Train dogs or dogs and handlers

Matt Vickery, East Gomeldon, Salisbury, Wiltshire.
Will train dogs or dogs and handlers. Free consultation to ascertain dog’s suitability for training.

Amy Rouse, Cambridge – English National competitor

Nij Vyas, Leicester – English National competitor, Author of Sheep Dog Training and Trials

For information about any or all of these Trainers please contact Caroline at or call 01934 732661 / 07703 197823