Training – An Overview

Through this Site and our training courses our Aim is to create a handler training culture throughout shepherding (plus anyone who is working sheep) within the changing nature of the Sheep Industry and in relation to the practical and social needs of the modern shepherd paying particular attention to the encouragement of young handlers.

We have not included specific information about where or when the courses are held. This is not a mistake! There are several centres in the south west where training takes place – near Bath; near Exeter; near Somerton (Somerset); near Truro and there are individual one-to-one trainers in between who can also help.
I market the courses throughout the year then collect groups of people and dogs who live near one or other of the trainers. So I cannot always project when the training will happen.
For several years i had 50% Funding through one of the Colleges but, sadly, no more. This year I do not have so many trainees!

About this word ‘training’. Most of us do not like what is implied as it can indicate something regimented. Can we suggest the opposite viewpoint? Look at it like this – where there is a secure base from which to operate you can afford to be flexible. All our trainers are flexible and we plan for you to enjoy your learning. Learning becomes easier if you are enjoying the process.