Breeding – An overview

We’ve called these pages ‘Breeding’ but it is more than this. It begins when you have decided what sort of dog will fit your enterprise.

Will you choose a ready trained dog or a puppy that you can train yourself?

You might be lucky enough to be acquainted with a well known breeder but even buying from a top source does not guarantee a brilliant outcome. But it is a good start. Beware of getting a dog that may be prone to some common diseases. Border collies can attract a variety of problems through wonky genetics, for example there are some eye problems – for which the registered dogs with ISDS have to be tested and some lines carry epilepsy. Or Epilepsy and in rare cases, Muscular Dystrophy has been diagnosed.

Most Sheepdog Societies have members who offer their puppies for sale but are unable to reach a large audience. We thought we might like to offer this as part of our All About Sheepdogs service but it has proved a big challenge.

Contact the International Sheepdog Society and follow the Breeders section.